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Inductus Foundation is a constituent wing of Inductus Consultants (P) LTD emerged as an extension of Inductus’ social commitments.  The resilience and vibrancy of civil society sector has inspired Inductus Foundation to secure holistic development in favour of the disadvantaged with progressive participation of CSOs, CBOs, Local Self Governance Institutions, Government, Corporate Bodies, and Resource providers. Now, Inductus, as a pioneer Developmental Institution, with nearly a half a decade of hands-on experience and learning, is poised at thresh hold of transition to carry forward and up-scale its participation in issue based framework. Based on our mandate, experience and future perspective, Inductus Foundation is poised today as a major consulting agency having a strong presence in the sector.













The issue based framework of Inductus Foundation is architected within a domain of eight inter-related issues, which underpin our Vision

and Mission.


The mosaic of hands-on experiences in development works and professional orientation of the company has given a unique identity to Inductus, as an institution, which blends Action, Learning and programme management to promote participatory development work through Community, as the principal protagonist.

Inductus has strong technology back-up facilities to provide services in areas such as IT, Industrial Technologies, Management Practices. In addition, the foundation too has state of the art back-up in health care, both preventive and curative domains. 


The Inductus Foundation works in close collaborations with its in-house expertise as Inductus Consultants (P) Limited has following centre in places with a strong team working backing the activities of the foundation.


At Inductus, the uniqueness in service delivery lies in the ‘Integrated Services’ which is an amalgamation of different offered services at Inductus. This has been the core strength and one of the strong reasons of continual support and encouragement from our elite customers.


This provides us leverage in terms of interdepartmental partnering for the execution and on time completion of projects and assignment of any magnitude and standards with an ultimate objective of ‘Complete Customer Satisfaction’.


The Inherent strength at Inductus is Total Quality Management with strict adherence to the Time Lines; this has been the sole reason of manifold growth of the organization within the state of Bihar & outside.


Domain specificity is the core strength of the teams at Inductus, which ensures the perfect execution of the project right from project planning, to execution, to on time delivery within the stipulated time frame.

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