Vision and Mission

The issue based framework of Inductus Foundation is architected within a

domain of eleven interrelated issues, which underpin our Vision and Mission.


Æ Public Sector Reform

Æ Livelihood

Æ Mainstreaming Microfinance

Æ Promotion of Youth Enterprises

Æ Health

The underlying values are integral to the following three pronged development approaches of the Foundation.

F Participatory Action Initiative: The Foundation is committed to undertake appropriate, people centric and innovative action program in partnership with community and relevant stakeholders.

F Participatory Capacity Building: The Foundation promotes capacity building of the Primary Constituencies, CSOs, NGOs, IINGOS and Government Agencies et al through participatory and experiential discussion, seminars and workshops, training and transformational learning events. The Centre values as well as practices participatory learning without intrusive external and prescriptive ideas or action.

F Participatory Research:
The foundation executes appropriate and participatory research studies covering such fields as baseline survey, needs analysis, best practices study, Project Evaluation and Impact Assessment, Organizational development research, cultural inquiry et al. Also, the research initiative aims at mounting public advocacy and securing lasting lobby with power canters.

Æ Education

Æ Corporate social Responsibility(CSR)

Æ Local governance and Citizenry Participation

Æ Organizational development and Renewal.

Æ Management Information System( MIS) 

Inductus into Agriculture

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MFI Initiatives

Microfinance MIS system can help


Youth Enterprise

The small and medium enterprise



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NGO Management

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HR Management

Since 2005-06, Inductus has been a