Youth Enterprise

The small and medium enterprise plays a vital role in improving the income level of people vis a vis help checking unemployment level in the state of Bihar.

However, the growth and success rate of small enterprise is far from the expected line due to number of factors such as :










F Lack of infrastructure and electricity supply in most of the areas.

F Quality Proposal and financial statement are generally not seen.

F Issue of Operational efficiency.

F Recovery rate on these investments by banks discouraged them to support

     more people.

Inductus is closely working with various public sector Banks in Bihar to streamline entrepreneurship activities in the state.

Inductus Foundation's Intervention strategy

F Identifying entrepreneurs for the training

F Course content and designing

F Identifying Hubs

F Helping the agencies to build up forward linkages

Areas where Inductus is providing training

F Food Processing- Mango, litchi, vegetables, spices

F Artisans

F Retail-Telecom and Garage

F Aurangabad Carpet Weaving

F Madhubani Painting 

Major Meetings with Banks

F A meeting with SBI SME officials was held to streamline the process of entrepreneurship training in Bihar.

Youth Enterprise

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Youth Enterprise

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