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Microfinance MIS system can help financial service providers to profit from reduced transaction costs and improved portfolio quality and moreover, it improves transparency in financial transactions and protects poor borrowers and MFI institutions in reducing the existing tensions in the country in general and Bihar in particular. The existing credit bureau facilities in some form or other in some of the areas are still either unavailable or inaccessible to a larger number of service providers and existing nature of information sharing is often limited to a relatively small number of regulated banking institutions and in many cases, incompatible reporting processes are found to be a common obstacle to expanding its use in India. The present competition and growing MFI market without having a proper information sharing mechanism among financial investors typically leads to worsening of repayment performance and attracting anger from all quarters. Microfinance Institutions and financial investors, whose members lack access to credit bureau in India goes on investing money with the existing gap in the sector and Inductus’s experience shows that if microfinance credit bureaus developed by Inductus can be established and used by MFIs and investors, the problems being observed in the sector can be easily neutralized.























How can the Microfinance Sector get Benefit from Inductus design Microfinance Credit Bureau Model?

F Best judgment can be made whether the perspective loan taker is taking the loan for consumption purpose or for investment one. Here, the     loan asked for consumption purpose can be reduced so it will have a greater chance of the repayment.

F The present concern of borrower’s suicide and misery can be reduced while not allowing the poor borrower to take credit from more than      one MFI agencies.

F More up to date information will improve portfolio management and diminished credit bureau and can also help reducing transaction costs.

F The quality data can permit microfinance institutions to start their business in the rural areas and take on riskier segment which in turn will     improve potential clients and depth of outreach.

F The proposed credit bureau will increase access to finance through improvement in portfolio management as it can generate more capital     available for perspective clients. If clients are aware that their details are collected and all MFIs participate in the credit bureau, there are     greater chances among credit takers to repay and maintain a positive credit history.

F The bureau can help building up strong co-ordiantion among multiple service providers to create a more inclusive, streamlined financial    sector environment n the area to forcefully implement "Know your customer" as an essential component of risk management practices.

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